Passionate about bread

Simon is the Book Bag Baker.  I was a passionate home baker for many years.  A few years my determination to bake that perfect sourdough loaf resulted in far more bread than we could possibly eat, so I started selling the surplus at my daughter’s school gates – and Book Bag Bakers was born.


There’s only so much bread you can take on the school run, so I started delivering locally, and supplying our fantastic local butchers GG Sparks, the Village Greengrocers in Charlton, Hand Made Food cafe and restaurant in Blackheath, and local veg box delivery service Mike The Very Green Grocer.

Now you can order on-line for free local delivery.


Proving the bread

The original way of leaving bread probably dating from early ancient Egypt, sourdough uses natural microscopic yeasts found in the air around us. Once captured in a starter or levain and fed regularly with flour and water these yeasts produce the CO2 which causes the bread to rise, along with byproducts which give the loaf its distinctive flavour.

This is a slow process, taking around 24 hrs from first mixing the dough to one of my “Standard” loaves coming out of the oven.

Many people who have difficulties digesting normal bread report that they can eat sourdough with no problems – this may be another result of the long fermentation process.
White Bread

All our breads are made with 100% organic flours.



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